5 different uses for Tritordeum flour

Men do not live by bread only! That’s why, here are several recipe ideas that you can try with your Tritordeum flour. Successful result guaranteed!

Tritordeum flour is super versatile and we know that you will love to make a new version of any of the following lifetime recipes by adding an innovation: Tritordeum flour. Haven’t you tried it yet?




The homemade muffins have nothing to do with the industrial ones. True? If we also put healthier flour such as Tritordeum this sweet meal can become a permissible pleasure. Tritordeum flour has a sweetish taste and does not require as much sugar in the recipe. Try it and tell us!

INGREDIENTS: 200 g of Tritordeum flour, 120 g of sugar, 3 medium size eggs, 50 g of olive oil, 80 ml. of yogurt, 8 g of chemical yeast, 2 g of salt.

You can be inspired by the sweet recipe of Chup Chup Chup or the salty of Zuli’s sweets and breads.




The lifetime yogurt cake grandmother´s recipe but now enhanced with a very versatile golden flour. What will surprise you most when working this recipe with the Tritordeum flour, besides the ease, is the golden yellow color that the sponge cake will have.

INGREDIENTS: 3 eggs, 1 yogurt (to taste), olive oil (1 measure of yogurt container), sugar (2 yogurt sizes), Tritordeum flour (3 yogurt sizes), 1 yeast envelope (16 g), 1 lemon

You can be inspired by Tritordeum’s cake recipe from La Cocina de los Elfos.




A super simple recipe that will catch your attention, especially if you have Thermomix. It will be a great appetizer idea when you make celebrations at home or even when you have leftovers of making bread and you want to do something different. The bread sticks, grissinis, Italian grizzlies or picks (it has as many names as different uses) are an ideal option for sauces, humus, etc. And they can be decorated with spices, cheese, seeds or other toppings to taste.

INGREDIENTS: 200 g of Tritordeum flour, 100 g of water, 20 gr. Of sourdough, 4 g of salt, 0.3 g dry yeast and 10 g of extra virgin olive oil.

The favorites of Un Pedazo de Pan are made of wholemeal Tritordeum flour. Discover your recipe here.




Experts say that Tritordeum flour is kneaded alone and is very extensible. For that reason, Tritordeum flour works very well in pizza making. In Italy, the pizza country par excellence, they are in love with this flour. Do you dare to try it?

INGREDIENTS: 250 g of Tritordeum flour, 250 g of water, 1 teaspoon of salt, 25 g of fresh yeast and 30 g of extra virgin olive oil.

Discover Tritordeum’s pizza recipe, step by step, here.




Although this French origin delicacy is made from wheat flour, it is increasingly common to find crepes made with healthy flours. As for example, Tritordeum crepes. Tritordeum flour, even in its wholemeal version, goes great to make the pancake dough. If the filling is sweet or salty, it is your choice.

INGREDIENTS: 125 g of Tritordeum flour, 2 medium size eggs, 1/4 of a liter of milk, 50 g of butter, 5 g of sugar and 1/2 tablespoon of salt.

Discover for yourself Tritordeum´s crepes recipe that we propose.


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