The Golden Cereal

What is Tritordeum?

Tritordeum is a Mediterranean cereal that offers an indulgent experience, makes you feel well and contributes positively to our society.

With a Latin name and born in the Mediterranean region. This is Tritordeum, the golden cereal that combines the best of our diet – pleasure and well-being.

All the benefits of wheat and barley combined in one unique cereal.

“Golden is the shade of Mediterranean landscapes;
golden is the attractive colour in finished Tritordeum products;
and golden for the philosophy it transmits at every step”

Golden benefits

Tritordeum is a golden cereal in all ways. Moreover, its benefits are golden

  • A rich taste
  • Balanced and healthy
  • Sustainable for our society and our environment
  • Versatile in many applications for your daily routine

Tritordeum recipes

Discover endless tritordeum recipes you will love. Ready to inspire you!

Mediterranean recipes, healthy recipes, easy recipes, innovative recipes and professional recipes … All kinds of recipes with tritordeum flour ready for you to get your hands in the dough!

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