Grupo de desplazamiento 6@2x

with Tritordeum

Grupo de desplazamiento 6@2x

with Tritordeum

Baking applications with Tritordeum

Tritordeum is an alternative to wheat in all types of savory and sweet bakery goods.

Typical applications include:


Savory products:

  • Breads
  • Pizza/Focaccia
  • Crakers/Snacks

Sweet products:

  • Brioche
  • Croissant
  • Biscuits and Cakes

Benefits on processing and product include:

*in comparison to similar products baked with wheat flour


Process Benefits*:

  • Better water retention (+10-20%)
  • Shorter kneading (-30%)
  • Shorter proofing (-20%)
  • Fat/Sugar reduction (-5-10%)
Trit 100% vs Trit 25% vs Wheat

Product Benefits*:

  • Yellow color
  • Crispy crust
  • Moist crumb (longer shelf life)
  • Soft crumb (short bite)

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