Gold benefits

Tritordeum is the Mediterranean cereal that offers a pleasant experience that feels good and also contributes positively to the environment and the society.

Tritordeum is golden cereal for many reasons:

1. A gold in taste

Tritordeum has a delicious flavor. Its flavor is sweet and with notes of nuts. An experience that you will want to repeat.

2. A gold in health

 Tritordeum helps you maintain a balanced diet. Thanks to its nutritional composition, it suits you and takes care of you. In addition, it is an alternative for those looking for a type of gluten that is easy to digest. Not suitable for coeliacs.

3. A gold in sustainability

Tritordeum is more sustainable by nature. It is a robust crop that faces climate change. It grows thanks to local farmers who receive fair and stable prices, promoting the circular economy.

4. A gold in versatility

It is suitable for making bread, cookies, pasta, pizza …! It helps you enjoy and take care of yourself effortlessly. All kinds of products for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.