Tritordeum Flour

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Tritordeum Flour

This flour milled by the cylinder system has approximately 75% extraction and it is distinguishes itself through its yellow color derived from lutein. More extensible flour that accepts a 60% water and short knead. Moderate fermentation are recommended.

Tritordeum flour milled on stone

Flour of 90% extraction. You can highlight the intense flavor that gives to the products. It contains more fiber because of its comprehensive nature almost characteristic which gives an ocher color. Hydration supported by this flour is higher than in the conventional case.

Whole grain Tritordeum flour

The organic whole-grain Tritordeum flour has an extraction of 95%. With intense flavour and full of fiber has a darker tone than its conventional version. It is recommended to knead it shorter and with less intensity.

Whole grain Tritordeum flour milled on stone

Extraction of almost 98% by the stone-milled system. This achieves a whole-grain Tritordeum. The flour is more intense darker color and natural flavor.

Tritordeum Flour

Also available in organic production

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