Tritordeum functional ingredients

Tritordeum is a versatile cereal and allows the development of a wide range of ingredients


Tritordeum grain

We have normal grain, pearled grain, malted grain (especially used for brewery) and roasted grain, to provide a toasted flavor.


Tritordeum bran

You can find both fine Tritordeum bran as coarse bran. Its applications are varied, which include bakery, pastry or biscuit making.


Tritordeum flakes

Tritordeum flakes are available both in its natural state and toasted. These, besides the usual applications, can be used to develop muesli.


Tritordeum semolina

Tritordeum fine semolina has a wide variety of applications, where we highlight the bakery or pasta production.


Special Tritordeum flours

There are three varieties of specialty flours: malted flour (soft or hard); toasted flour (canary gofio); and pregelatinized flour.


Tritordeum sourdough

Our selection of sourdough, like refined sourdough (mild flavor) or wholegrain sourdough (strong flavor), can be found in liquid or dried form.


Tritordeum mix

We currently have a mix for making cupcakes / muffins. We can also make custom mixes and improvers according to your needs.


Tritordeum improver

We have two available Tritordeum improvers: Improver for bread and loaf bread improver. Both can be made according to your needs.


Also available in organic production