Tritordeum in detail

A cereal with sustainability for our society and our environment

As a crop born in the Mediterranean region, we are thankful to Mother Nature and the environment supporting its cultivation. That’s why we take care of the environment and work to protect it.

Tritordeum is more sustainable by nature. It is a robust crop that faces climate change and has a reduced environmental footprint.

In addition, we ensure the creation of fair and respectful links within our value chain partners – farmers and millers. Tritordeum grows thanks to local farmers who receive fair and stable prices, promoting the circular economy.

Tritordeum in the field

Tritordeum on the table

Tritordeum has a rich taste

Healthy eating without sacrificing flavor is possible thanks to the golden cereal.

Those who try it say: it’s great! Tritordeum offers an unforgettable sensory experience that you want to repeat.

Its products – bread, biscuits, cake or beer, among others – stand out for a sweet and smooth taste with notes of nuts; An attractive golden color and a very pleasant aroma.

A nutritional composition that feels awesome and takes care of you

Tritordeum has a unique combination of nutritional properties that feels good. That’s thanks to the type of gluten it contains, which makes your digestions lighter. Not suitable for coeliacs.

In addition, tritordeum takes care of you by contributing:

· More oleic acid: the most important fatty acid in the Mediterranean diet.

· More antioxidants, such as lutein that is related to eye health.

· More fibre than wheat, essential for intestinal and cardiovascular health.

Tritordeum in health

Tritordeum in your day to day

Versatile and perfect for your day-to-day

Tritordeum grain is very versatile and serves an infinite number of products, to which it gives its characteristic flavor and unique nutritional properties.

Pizza, pasta, pastries, cookies, vegetable drinks and tritordeum beer… There are endless possibilities beyond tritordeum bread!