The AGF (the Association of Cereal Research) in collaboration with the Max Rubner-Institut organize every two years a cereal conference called the “Getreide-Tagung” in Detmold (Germany). On this 29th edition – celebrated the 12th and 13th of March- the attendees had the opportunity to learn more about a new grain available in Germany whose name is Tritordeum.

The Agrasys managing director Pilar Barcelo, together with the person responsible for the German market Guillermo Lisi presented all aspects of this new Mediterranean cereal to more than 100 conference participants from all over Europe. Among them were many specialists from the agri-food sector, grain processing, milling and food industry, as well as cereal research and breeding experts.

The presentation of Tritordeum, which was focussed on its origins and history, technical specifications and its main benefits in comparison with other cereals and bread wheat, captured the interest of the specialists. More specifically, its easy-to-digest gluten and its robusticity as a crop. Furthermore, they were able to taste Tritordeum bread made by the bakery Bisschopsmolen (Maastricht).

The main topics covered during the two-day event revolved around “environmental influences and quality”, “baking quality” and “market and trends”. Presentations were led by renowned speakers coming from Austria, Germany, UK, Spain and Ukraine.

Thanks to this opportunity more experts from the German cereal industry know about Tritordeum, a new Mediterranean cereal that is making headway in Europe.