70th Convention of Baking Technology in Detmold

In collaboration with the Max Rubner Institute, on the 12th and 13th of November, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Getreideforschung e.V. will organize the 70th convention in Detmold. Thanks to the AGF-commission for Bakery Technology this year’s focus will be on raw materials and ingredients as well as the technology and production behind baking businesses.

300 participants from Germany and German-speaking countries will attend talks and give lectures to exchange knowledge on the bases of science and practice. Apart from manufacturers for bread and pastry, there will also be representatives from the machinery, suppliers and ingredients industry, where Tritordeum will participate.

Agrasys business developer Etienne Vassiliadis, who is in charge of the commercial development of Tritordeum, will attend this event together with Christoph Heger, master baker and ambassador of Tritordeum. Together they will give a lecture about the key reasons for using tritordeum and opportunities in the German bakery sector. As Tritordeum flour is already available thanks to Meyermühle and Gut RosenKrantz.

Professionals will have the chance to taste different German recipes made of Tritordeum by the expert Christoph Heger. Thanks to this opportunity more experts from the German baking industry know about Tritordeum and all possibilities this cereal offers to the sector.

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