Bio bakery De Trog launches a Tritordeum bread. The Ypres-based bakery lead by Master Baker Hendrik Durnez becomes the first company in Belgium that uses this Mediterranean grain to create an innovative bread and is also the first firm in Europe to use tritordeum malted grain in the bakery sector.

According to the Hendrik Durnez, “this grain differs from ordinary wheat in that it contains less indigestible gluten and gives your bread a very specific taste and crumb color. Moreover, it contains more fiber, unsaturated fatty acids and protein”.

In addition to bread, Tritordeum grain is suitable for a wide range of cereal-based foods and beverages (biscuits, cakes, pasta, pizza, beer, etc.) and is already available in countries like Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Thanks to De Trog, since September Tritordeum bread has also become available in Belgium.

The innovative De Trog bread consists of a loaf (500 g) made with stone-ground tritordeum flour, liquid sourdough and malted tritordeum grain mixed into the dough. “This not only gives a bit of bite but above all a very pleasant malt touch on the crumb and an extremely aromatic crust”, says Bio De Trog.