We have a scoop! And we want you to be the first to know: Tritordeum has a new image and with it brings a new way of explaining the history and benefits of this cereal.

As a seed that is planted and fed to bear fruit, this new image serves as a starting point to inspire us to continue growing, to cultivate our culture and continue to carry the true essence of Tritordeum everywhere.

We have always been very clear about our Mediterranean essence and the Mediterranean lifestyle that combines health and pleasure. That is why we have made it a key point of our image and communication. We now adopt a simpler, clean, clear and authentic style. A cereal  for everybody and for everything. Now, closer than ever.

And also, we simplify its name by adopting what identifies us and makes us memorable: its color. “If this cereal is known for anything, it is for its golden color. Golden as cereal fields; golden as the color of the products made with it; and golden as the light of the Mediterranean landscapes. ”says Verónica Guerra, head of communication at Tritordeum.

Our purpose is to improve people’s daily diet in a healthy and sustainable way. Thanks to Tritordeum, we can offer a cereal that, due to its unique characteristics, is a perfect choice for everyday consumption.

Our communication will combine golden tones that contrast with earth tones. We adopt a range of colours that reminds us of Mediterranean scenes to speak more clearly of everything that tritordeum offers.

Along with this, we set the goal of talking in confidence. In a clearer and more concise way that helps to transmit the properties of the cereal and everything that surrounds  and is accessible to all equally.

Tritordeum is a golden cereal for many reasons. It is gold in flavor, health and sustainability. But, above all, because we are surrounded by people who are worth gold.

Thank you for joining us in this new stage! Tritordeum, closer to you than ever.