Making Pasta
with Tritordeum

Grupo de desplazamiento 6@2x
Grupo de desplazamiento 6@2x

Making Pasta
with Tritordeum

Make pasta with Tritordeum

Tritordeum is an alternative to durum wheat and wheat in all types of pasta applications.

Typical applications include:


Fresh Pasta:

  • Usually made with flour
  • With or without filling
  • With or without egg

Dry Pasta:

  • Usually made with semola
  • 100% Tritordeum or mixed with durum
  • With or without egg

Benefits on processing and product include:

*in comparison to similar products baked with wheat flour


Process Benefits*:

  • Shorter kneading (-30%)
  • Better water retention (+10-20%)
  • Egg reduction (-10%)

Product Benefits*:

  • Less stickiness after boiling
  • Less breakage in filled pasta
  • Lighter texture, better taste

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Fresh pasta from Jesus Monedero:

  • Tritordeum flour or semola: 100%
  • Water: 45%
  • Salt: 2%

To make egg-based pasta, just replace the water with 55% whole egg.

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